Technical Strength

Provide customized machine tool products and solutions to provide customers with better technical support and services.

Product Quality

Using high-quality materials and advanced equipment, through a strict quality management system to ensure product quality and stable performance.


Provide a full range of pre-sales and after-sales technical support to meet customer needs and improve customer satisfaction.

Cost Advantage

Through independent research and development, production and optimization of the supply chain, etc., reduce product costs and provide competitive prices.



Peru customer just received our bending machine

Our Peruvian client has just received our press brake, he is very happy with the quality and excellent service of JUGAO CNC MACHINE JIANGSU CO LTD, showing great interest in continuing to collaborate with us.


Lebanese customer has received our machines

Lebanese customer has received our machines. Nice guy. He sents some photos to us. They are very satisfied with the quality of JUGAO machine, a very pleasant cooperation  


Russian customer come to visit our factory

With the gradual liberalization of China's epidemic prevention and control, China has fully opened its doors to entry since January 8, and more and more overseas customers come to visit our factory.     On February 9th, a lady from Russia became the first customer to visit our factory this years. Under the warm reception and detailed introduction of General manager Gao Hua of Jiugao, the customer said that she had a new understanding of the production scale and capacity of our factory, and also spoke highly of our product quality control and production efficiency!  After the visit, the client sign a contract with us for cooperation immediately. 


Rwanda customer come to visit our factory

On February 11th, a client from Rwanda came to visit our factory.  Accompanied by sales Director Ms Wang, the Rwandan customers had a comprehensive understanding of the development history, corporate culture, product categories, quality management, corporate honor and other aspects of our factory, and visited the production workshop and quality control center of the company.      Through this inspection, the customer had a comprehensive understanding of the company's scale and strength, production equipment and detailed product introduction, and highly praised the quality and enthusiastic service of Jiugao's products. He became more interested in Jiugao's bending machines and other products. After the visit, he ordered a batch of machines and reached an in-depth cooperation with us.